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Kratos and Atreus are on a new journey in this installment of God of War, and just like them, the PlayStation LATAM marketing team had to go through a series of challenges to reach the ultimate goal: successfully launch one of the most anticipated games of the year in Latin America.

Kratos was the voice of this case study. He eloquently narrated as we advanced through the campaign. 

Using his deep tone, and the precision and calculation that he employs with every new challenge, we travel through the campaign rollout and the results as if we were him—slaying monsters, getting into exciting new territories, and conquering the world, or LATAM in this case. 

I had the honor of writing the copy for the VOs in the video.

Chief Creative Officer: Jayson Fittipaldi 
Creative Director: Rodrigo Butori
Associate Creative Director: Angel Van Der Biest
Video Script Copywriter: Henry Chinea
Studio: NEKO Films 
Head of Production: Carlos Rangel
Producer: Rosely Del Castillo
Account Director: Santiago Mas

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